»familee parents« is an app that set limits on how much time children spend on their devices.


»familee parents« is a lovely designed parental control app for smartphones that makes it easy for parents to set limits on how much time their children are spending on their mobile devices. It let parents set rules for their kid’s phones like what apps they are allowed to use and for how long. The »familee parents« app is the counterpart to the »familee kids« app. Both apps are merged into one product family through the »familee trends« reporting portal.

I was responsible for the overall UX concept, UI design, character design and illustration, interaction design, sound design as well as agile project management. The app uses iOS as well as Android native functionalities but still works with a specific design pattern. Furthermore, the familee app avatars »Sara« and »Lucas« help children to relate with the app content and guide them through the overall app and device management.

I was also partly responsible for a successful spin-off as a startup in 2016 attracting venture capital investors from all over Germany.