Chris Krey is a German landscape photographer. The reduced photographic language should also be given an equally clearly defined and effective creative vocabulary.


Chris Krey Photography represents artisanal analog photography with a final digital touch. Photography is a great way to get closer to each country and its culture. With an eye for detail and special moments. This creates tonally related black and white and color photographs from the mountainous landscapes and lake areas around Germany, Scandinavia and South America.

I worked out a distinctive brand concept. The brand uses a variably applicable brand box, representing the classic 6×6 negative, which turns every medium into a Chris Krey medium. The brand can be implemented using plain HTML and CSS code only and goes along with modern web development frameworks such as Bootstrap.

The defined design concept leaves a lot of creative freedom while at the same time enables a great visual uniformity across all media. Whether analog or digital, it is recognizable Chris Krey.