Shifting the perception of the role personal strength training could play in people's lives.


As teachers of sports, injury-prevention and rehabilitation as well as experienced certified sports instructors Wellway Sports works for well-known brands such as Puma and AOK and coaches clients for many years in the field of personal training and corporate fitness.

Wellway Sports was founded out of enthusiasm and a real passion for sports. They understand their customers and their wishes as well as their fulfillment by means of detailed and personally tailored training concepts. »Thinking sports personally« is the logical consequence of this thinking and the overall entrepreneurial ambition of Wellway Sports.

I was chosen as a modern partner to an ambitious brand. First, I worked out a new positional statement through a deep understanding of market, business model, culture and behavior. For this, I was doing an in depth analysis and assessment of the overall business modell and market constrains, summing up 200+ pages of written data and analysis. Based on an overall positioning statement and its accompanying claim »Thinking sports personally« I determined a design aesthetic and language were needed that would bring to life three key values of the company: reliablility, experience and inclusion. From here, all design elements where defined through a flexible communication system including a strong logotype, an integrated color system, imagery and illustrations.

Furthermore, I built and coded a user-friendly and responsive site that integrated a modern design language that put engaging content and conversion trigger front and center.

I couldn’t be more proud to partner with Wellway Sports to help positioning their entire personal sports and strength training experience. Since 2013, Art Noir is the lead partner of Wellway Sports.