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2017/08/02 – Strategic Marketing by Christian Kahl

Automate Google Analytics Custom Reporting

Google Sheets and the Google Analytics Add-on are powerful tools to automate the process of custom reporting in Google Analytics and to even convert your dashboards into PDFs and sent them to a defined list of recipients.

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2017/07/05 – Design by Christian Kahl

Sketch plugins you shouldn't design without

Work smart, not hard: If you commit yourself to this concept, your entire work life will be easier. And the easier your work life will be, the better your creativity. Using plugins is one way in getting more done in less time.

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2016/01/06 – Design by Christian Kahl

Mobile App UX Creative Strategy in Action

In this blog post I focus on a mobile creative strategy in action approach to achieve greater affinity with consumers and therefore an improved user experience with corporate mobile applications.

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